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Solar Panel Washing Service

Keep your solar panels working with pressure washing

Solar panels are a great resource

Solar panels are a great way to increase the amount of energy you have available as well as reduce your carbon footprint, but a solar panel is only effect if you can keep the outer surface of that panel clean and absorbing that solar energy. What can you do when your solar panels have accumulated dirt and grime from the environment so that you can keep that solar panel operating at full potential?

Do you really want to clean it by hand?

Sure you could take the time to break out the scrub brush and scrapers. Do you want to drag a bucket of water or that long hose out to put in all that work? Sure that work will be rewarded in the end by a restoration of energy production, but wouldn’t it be easier, and more cost effective to find a better method to remove the dirt and grime?

Try out a power washer

Rather than doing all that scrubbing and scraping, you could opt to use a power washer to help you clean up those solar panels. This will reduce the amount of time you are spending as well as ensuring that the job is done completely and efficiently. You can also rest assured that you won’t be damaging that expensive solar panel. Instead the water will clean without scratches or scrapes.

If you want to avoid wasting any time on this project, you can contact us. They have expert teams that can come to your location and help with any cleaning needs you have for your solar panels. Check out their website at for more details on their services. One visit from CPW and you can be certain that your solar panels will be working at their top rate when they leave.

Take care of your investment

A solar panel is an investment in reducing your energy costs as well as reducing your carbon footprint to help benefit the rest of the world. Don’t take chances with that vital investment. Tun to Colorado Pro Wash to help you with all of your solar panel cleaning needs today. Not only will you find your energy production had moved back up, but you will also know that you have used the best method to preserve your investment for your future and the future of the world.

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