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Sidewalk Pressure Washing and Gum Removal

Sidewalk power washing most often runs into your landscape or open retention pond before having any impact. Yet, it received less attention after this letter. Many property owners spend much more time and focus on exterior cleaning, window washing, and parking lot striping take a front seat approach. White concrete sidewalks tend to show the footstep traffic. Keep a great appearance and call a reputable company you can trust.

Dirty traffic area sidewalks require pressure cleaning ought to be a routine exercise, keeping good standards keep well presented image for your. Not every sidewalk requires daily cleaning but some do. Most sidewalks would do well and look pleasant with a weekly cleaning schedule. It all boils down to how much traffic the sidewalk endures, the kind of debris it is exposed to, the material it is made of and the impact of weather. Sidewalks need to be cleaned every day when it rains or snows. They can be left a tad unattended for a while during summers but then increase in outdoor activity will make them vulnerable. Fall has its own challenges for sidewalks, particularly those that have trees around.

Sidewalks are vulnerable to growth of mold and mildew, the parts on the sides in particular that don’t get trampled upon as much as the center. Sidewalks in shades may also be prone to growth of algae. Sidewalks that are out in the open and don’t really have any probability of mold, algae or mildew will be prone to litter. It is common for sidewalks to be mired with gums. The menace of gum is a serious concern. Then there is the debris, grime and stains facilitated by awning. Innumerable stores and businesses use awning for more than the purpose of having some shade.

Colorado Exterior Cleaning specializes in sidewalk cleaning. We are experts in gum removal and awning cleaning. We can attend to concrete sidewalks, tiled sidewalks and even those that combine brick and mortar, concrete, tiles and other materials. We have a gamut of solutions including some tricks up our sleeves that will ensure you have a spotlessly clean and aesthetic sidewalk after we are done. From usual power washing to get rid of dust and dirt to secrets that can get rid of hard stains, rigid grime and the resistant gum. We would not only get rid of all unpleasant materials from your sidewalk but also restore the aesthetics so it doesn’t just look clean but also pleasant to walk on and tread. We carry out immaculate sidewalk cleaning without any impact on its immediate surrounding or landscaping.

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