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Ice Melt and Deicing of Sidewalks and Parking Lots

Colorado Exterior Cleaning offers a complete snow removal plan including ice melt, deicing, snow removal, snow plowing of sidewalks and parking lots. The amount of snow accumulation is upon Mother Nature. No matter the circumstances we are at stand bye to go to work on your property. Every responsible business owner should be proactive and add on the additional ice melt service and make sure it’s included in your contract.

If you would rather sit by the fire place and sip your cup of hot cocoa while our snow removal service has you covered. When outside temperatures get to freezing temperatures ask us about the ice melt / deicing services that our company offers.

Over the years we have worked with hospitals, clinics, hotels, restaurants, property management, apartment communities, homeowner associations, spots facilities, spa and wellness centers as well as commercial establishments of all kinds and sizes. Ice can be melted using different types of ice melt ranging from pellets to magnesium chloride flakes being on of the best on concrete.

During a freezing event your parking lot and sidewalk can be unsafe without adding ice melt and deicing services. Icy sidewalks is unsafe make sure to be properly covered.

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